Friday, June 20, 2014

Acne Prone Jessica Simpson & Adam Levine Plan Summer Weddings: Will They Battle Breakouts on Their Big Days?

Photo by John VanderHaagen
Jessica Simpson, like many women over the age of 20, struggles with adult acne.

Jessica Simpson and Adam Levine have a lot in common. Both plan to tie the knot with their partners this summer. Simpson will begin her marriage with a bang when she exchanges vows with former NFL pro Eric Johnson during the Fourth of July weekend, while Levine will enjoy a destination wedding in Los Cabos, Mexico, with supermodel Behati Prinsloo on July 19. 

Both celebs also suffer from lingering battles with acne. As a performer or personality--or anyone who needs to maneuver in and out of public situations--the condition can wreak havoc on your self-confidence and psychological well-being. Feeling insecure about your appearance may even lead to depression, which Levine says he dealt with in high school when his breakouts began. 

Adam Levine developed a lifelong problem with pimples in 
high school.

Acne affects people regardless of gender, race or age. However, more women than men experience the condition as adults. In fact, up to half of the female population after the age of 20 suffers from acneic skin, which can result in pimples and plugged pores--blackheads and whiteheads covering the face, neck, chest, back or shoulders. Causes include overproduction of oil by enlarged glands in the skin (often influenced by hormones) and growth of bacteria within the hair follicles, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).

The AAD recommends the following tips to treat acne:

• Resist the urge to pop, squeeze or pick at your acne.
• Gently wash affected areas twice a day. 
• Use noncomedogenic cosmetics and toiletries that don't clog pores, along with oil-free makeup and sunscreens.
• Avoid alcohol-based astringents, which tend to strip your skin of natural moisture.
• Allow enough time for acne products to take effect.

No bride or groom wants to deal with acne breakouts on The Big Day. So, in honor of National Acne Awareness Month, we present the latest products to guarantee a blemish-free summer wedding. They contain tea tree oil, aloe vera leaf juice, salicylic acid, vitamin E, and licorice root and green tea extracts. These ingredients heal skin irritations and possess powerful antibacterial/anti-inflammatory benefits.

We'd also like to say a toast to the happy couples: May Levine and Prinsloo, and Simpson and Johnson enjoy clear skies and complexions on their wedding days. Congrats!

Beauty and the Beach: Wedding bells will ring for Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson over the Fourth of July weekend near Santa Barbara, Calif.

Muy Caliente: Supermodel Behati Prinsloo and Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine plan to exchange "I Dos" in Mexico on July 19.

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