Wednesday, January 22, 2014

National Polka Dot Day Nail Art: 3 Spotted Manis Serve Up Little Spheres of Style for Your Digits

If you're seeing spots today, don't try to adjust your vision. It's National Polka Dot Day!

These stylish little spheres can't help but make you smile. Maybe it's because there's nothing stuffy or formal about them. Instead, polka dots promote a playful repetitive pattern of spots that can appear on anything from attire, such as blouses, dresses, socks and nylons, to serving ware sets, wallpaper and furniture.

For beautynistas, spots and polish go together as well as itsy bitsy teenie weenie bikinis and yellow polka dots. They not only perk up your digits with a pop of color, but they also lift your spirits. So, in honor of National Polka Dot Day, we've created three spotted nail art manis. They're bright, bold and beautiful--just like you! 

Use a professional nail dotter, the tip of your polish brush or a rounded toothpick to create your polka dots. Plus, don't forget to apply base and top coats to these manis. You'll be a diva dotter in no time.

SHINE: Dazzle Dry Tranquil Gray (medium gray), Smitten (light beige), Midnight Express (black) and Cotton Candy (neon pink). BEAUTY: Apply two coats of gray lacquer to your index, ring and pinky tips. Paint another two layers of beige on your thumb and pink on your middle finger. On your ring finger tip, layer beige lacquer over two-thirds of the nail. Then draw pink dots and a black stripe to complete the look. Do the same on your pinky finger, but use a black backdrop with beige dots and a pink stripe. 

BEACON: Vegan, and contains no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor or nitrocellulose. 

SHINE: Color Club Where's the Soiree (black), Poetic Hues (cream), Feelin' Groovy (neon green) and Peace Out Purple (radiant orchid). BEAUTY: Apply two coats of black polish to each nail. On your ring finger tip, paint a confetti of contrasting colors--green, purple and cream--in a tight polka dot pattern. 

BEACON: Free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde. Vegan and no animal testing.

SHINE: Dazzle Dry Smitten (light beige), Midnight Express (black), Cotton Candy (neon pink) and Watermelon Slice (bright dark pink). BEAUTY: Apply two coats of beige lacquer to each tip. Layer another two coats of neon pink polish over half of your nail from top to bottom. Then paint three black dots along the inside edge of the neon pink polish and four bright dark pink dots along the other side to create an interlocking effect.    

 BEACON: Vegan, and contains no formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, camphor or nitrocellulose. 

Photo by Alex Proimos

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