Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do Good Day at Spa Scotta: Raising Awareness of Human Sex Trafficking

Soul satisfying services at Spa Scotta.

Do-gooders abound in the beauty industry--and it makes sense. If you feel good on the inside, you look even better on the outside. 

Jessica Campbell made do-gooding an important part of her business model when she opened Seattle's Spa Scotta in 1998. Using "Look Good, Feel Good, Do Good" as her mission statement, she regularly donates a portion of proceeds from sales of her spa services to various local charities. They include the Junior League of Seattle, Seattle Children's Hospital and Evergreen Health Foundation.  

Another worthy charity recently captured Campbell's heart--The Justice and Soul Foundation. Under the leadership of Matthew Fairfax, who also owns Seattle-based James Alan Salon and Spa, the organization seeks to teach, inspire and build the self-esteem of children and young women rescued from or escaping human sex trafficking. The program will initially launch in Cambodia, where it's estimated that more than 30,000 children are victimized each year. "The strategy of the foundation is two-fold," Campbell says. "The first is to establish a school to teach the fundamentals and techniques of cosmetology, such as hair, skin, nails and makeup.

"The second is to address the trauma [by offering psychological assistance] with qualified therapists, as well as providing problem solving and life skills necessary for independence and making a full transition," she adds.

Jessica Campbell, owner/esthetician, at Spa Scotta.

To raise more awareness, Campbell has designated this Saturday, September 15, as Do Good Day for Justice and Soul. When clients mention the organization, her spa will donate 5% of sales from its 3G menu of services. "It's an easy thing to do, and I'm hoping this simple idea will spread to salons and spas around the country," Campbell says.

The 3G menu stands for "Get In! Get Beautiful! Get Going!" It features 30-minute face, feet and body treatments for busy, on-the-go clients. Each service costs $30. While on a recent trip to the pacific northwest, I visited the spa and experienced the 3G Facial first-hand. My skin delighted in this dewy indulgence, and my face is still glowing.

Here's a look at the step-by-step process:

My esthetician Jenny begins the facial by analyzing my skin and discussing my concerns.

 She then cleans... 

...and tones my skin.

Jenny uses a Clarisonic facial tool to complete the deep-cleansing process.

Next, a pomegranate exfoliation mask is applied for five minutes.

Pads are then placed over my eyes...

...and a steamer helps loosen my pores.

Jenny performs a hand and arm massage as the mask works its magic.

Next, she wraps my face and neck in a warm, moist towel... 

...and removes the mask.

Once my face is ready...

...Jenny applies a soothing serum with a Bio-Therapeutic bt-Micro facial tool. 

The treatment then concludes...

...with a hydrating moisturizer.

She also applies an eye cream and a sunscreen.

Jenny's magic fingers leave my face looking radiant. 3G now stands for "This Girl's Got Glow."


  1. Radiant indeed, The pomeganate face mask sounds divine. Love business's such as Spa Scotta - that do good in the community.

  2. The lady took our money, closed up shop, and disappeared. Don't evangelize her.


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