Monday, August 27, 2012

5 Fun Ways to Create Beautiful Braids

Photo by Adam Blelawski
Jennifer Hudson strikes a pose in a sexy side braid.

Move over ponytail, there's a new sheriff in town--the big, bold, beautiful braid. The look works well no matter what the occasion or your hair texture type. Plus, it's an easy, effortless style that goes from classic to casual, red carpet to recreational and simple to sophisticated in the snap of an elastic hair band. Here's how to get started.


Divide your hair into three sections. Take the outer right strands and cross them over the center section. Then take the outer left strands and cross them over the center piece. Alternate between left and right sections until the process is complete. 

In one of her red-carpet-best moments, Charlize Theron sports a braided sideswept updo.


Separate your hair into three sections. Using the same method above, braid them together. Weave small portions of hair from the sides into each section as you cross them over the center piece. Incorporate all loose strands as you finish the braid. 

French braids steal the show at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2011.


French braid your hair from the back to the side, and fasten the remaining ponytail with an elastic hair band. Tease the ponytail and then create a classic braid. Randomly loosen pieces of hair for a messy look. Cut the elastic hair band off, but be careful not to remove any hair.

Lea Michele and Lucy Hale parade messy side braids down the red carpet.


Divide your hair into two sections. Take a small piece from the outer part of the right section and cross it over the top. Then add it to the left section. Do the same thing with the left section, crossing over to the right. Repeat until complete. Lightly pull the edges of the braid if you'd like to create a fuller look.

Aubrey O'Day flaunts a flirty fishtail braid.


Separate your hair into three sections to begin a classic braid. After three weaves or so, drop a section. Gather a new strand that pulls the braid in the direction you'd like to go. Repeat until your desired look takes shape.

Nina Dobrev's recent red carpet look included a double waterfall braid.

Ashley Tisdale celebrated her 27th birthday with a summer waterfall braid and purple hair tips.

Thankfully you don't need a red carpet to rock beautiful braids. So we've compiled the latest shampoos, conditioners, tools and styling products to help create smooth, sleek and shiny strands.  

SHINE: Burt's Bees gud Orange Petalooza Nourishing Shampoo and Softening Conditioner. BEAUTY: Hydrates hair with sunflower seed oil and peppermint leaf extract. BEACON: No animal testing. Contains no sulfates, parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals. Supports Habitat for Humanity.

SHINE: Infiniti PRO by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic 1" Straightener (fuchsia). BEAUTY: Ceramic-coated plates and far-infrared heat maximize manageability with 70% less frizz, according the manufacturer. BEACON: Supports the American Red Cross and National Dance Institute.

SHINE: Hamadi Organics Shea Spray De-Frizzing Sun Protector. BEAUTY: Shea butter, avocado oil and aloe vera leaf powder help protect, fortify and smooth strands. BEACONEcocert certified and no animal testing. Free of artificial fragrances and colorants.

SHINE: Kitoko Hydro-Revive Cleanser and Balm. BEAUTY: Remove impurities and maximize manageability with baobab, green tea extract, and vitamins A & E. BEACON: Contains no sodium laureth sulphate or sodium lauryl sulphate. 

SHINE: Number 4 Clarifying Shampoo. BEAUTY: Sunflower seed oil, and black currant leaf and yogurt extracts nourish hair and scalp. BEACONVegan and no animal testing. Sulfate, gluten and paraben free.

SHINE: Peter Lamas Chinese Herbs Revitalizing Styling Cream. BEAUTY: Control frizz and fly-aways, add moisture and reduce breakage with jojoba seed, olive leaf and licorice root extracts. BEACONVegan and no animal testing. Contains no parabens. 

SHINE: Pureology Precious Oil Shamp'Oil and Precious Oil Softening Condition. BEAUTY: Sunflower seed and coconut oils maximize elasticity, shine and softness. BEACON: No animal testing. Vegan and free of sulfates. Supports Global Green USA.

SHINE: Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek Leave-In Cream (for dry/unruly hair). BEAUTY: Protect and smooth strands with coconut, sweet almond and olive fruit oils. BEACONParent company L’OrĂ©al partners with UNESCO to support For Women In Science 

SHINE: Urban Therapy Twisted Sista Leave-In Conditioner. BEAUTY: Argan oil, lychee and vitamin E condition, calm and control for static-free hair. BEACON: Contains no sulfates, parabens, mineral oils or phthalates.

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