Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Oranges: Gorgeous Glosses & Lipsticks

Photo by Rachael Ashe

I can't get enough of summer oranges. They're sweet, sumptuous and satisfying--especially when the mercury starts rising.  

I feel the same way about a hot makeup trend--orange lipsticks and glosses. Not only do they pay props to a citrus superstar, but they also allow you to perk up your pout for dramatic day or evening looks.

Orange lips scream sophistication and sass. They provide a pop of captivating color with undertones of red and gold, and make a bold style statement. Plus, a variety of shades can be utilized to complement all types of complexions:

SKIN TYPE                  SHADE OF ORANGE
Light                          Salmon
Medium light               Warm
Olive                          Neutral
Medium dark               Coral
Dark                          Bright 

Create your own summer sizzle. Check out the following pout-pleasing orange crushes.

SHINE: Milani Color Perfect Lipstick (Mandarina) and 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss (Stylish). BEAUTY: The lipstick creates creamy smoothness, while the gloss provides the illusion of 3D depth for a fuller pout. BEACON: Cruelty free.

 SHINE: Mirabella Lip Colour (Missed Opportunity). BEAUTY: Castor, safflower and jojoba seed oils help pamper your pucker with high pigment and bleed-free benefits. BEACON: Contains no parabens or lead.

SHINE: Palladio Beauty Group Herbal Lipstick (Toasted Orange). BEAUTY: Take your lips to the next level with creamy, full-coverage color. BEACON: No animal testing.

SHINE: Sorm√© Treatment Cosmetics Glosse Lip Glosses (Spark; top) and (Fantasy; bottom). BEAUTY: Aloe vera, and vitamins A, D, and E keep lips looking luscious by adding moisture and fullness. BEACONNo animal testing. Supports the Noreen Fraser Foundation and Look Good...Feel Better

SHINE: Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics Mighty Shiny Gel (Displayed) and Lipstick (Tangelo). BEAUTY: For a sultry smile, the gel offers high shine with a light vanilla scent, while the lanolin-free lipstick is designed to stay fresh for longer periods. BEACON: No animal testing. Contains no synthetic oils, talc, parabens, artificial fragrances or dyes.

Photo by Jan Rehschuh

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