Sunday, January 23, 2011

Caught Red-Handed!

Red evokes passion and empowerment--and there’s no better way to begin 2011. 

To kick off the new year, SHINE celebrates with a big bottle of champagne and a little bottle of red hot nail polish. Both help brighten and lighten the mood of a cold winter night.

While we’re on the subject of French bubbly, we hear that Essie plans to take us on a European vacation this spring. Its St. Tropez nail lacquer collection features six subtle but sassy colors, including French Affair (cotton candy pink) and Topless & Barefoot (opalescent nude). Oui can't wait!

BEAUTY: In the meantime, enjoy crimson classics such as Lacquered Up by Essie. May your New Year’s resolutions include red lipstick, red hair, red shoes, red wine--and most of all--red nail polish.  BEACON: Essie supports ovarian and breast cancer research.

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